Privacy Policy

Effective date: December 15, 2017
Last modified: December 15, 2017

This Privacy Policy applies to all our websites and apps (“Services”). Our Privacy Policy explains what information we collect and the practice we follow to protect that information and your privacy. Please read this carefully and thoroughly. This policy may get modified from time to time without prior notification.

Account Information

In many of our Services, we require that you register an account in our server. Account information is treated as follows:

  • Your phone number and email address: Your phone number or email address is often used as the account login ID and is used primarily to identify your account. We do not sell, publish or share this information to other parties unless ordered by the courts under the law). We may, however, contact you using your email regarding our Services such as providing service notices and related promotions, offerings, feature changes and so on.
  • Your account profile: We generally encourage you to provide an account profile of yours that may include profile picture, company name, title, address, profession or service, social media contacts and etc. Such information is used primarily to enhance our Services to you. We do not sell, publish or share this information with other parties unless ordered by the courts under the law. However, some of this information may be shared with others as part of our Services under your express consent. Also, some non-personally-identifying data may be shared into Analytics (see below) for the purpose of understanding and improving our Services.
  • Your contacts: Some of our services may require access to your contacts (your phone address book). Such information is used strictly to enhance our Services to you. We do not sell, publish or share this information with other parties unless ordered by the courts under the law. In each case of need for access to this information, our general principle is to confine the access locally in the app without any uploading to the server. If we need the information in the server, we will only upload the needed portion. For example, if we need to build a permission list of contacts to reach you for calling or messaging, we would only upload the list of phone numbers from your address book without any other attributes. All uploaded information in our server is protected by the best practice of security in the industry.

Your Recordings and Messages

Your recordings and messages are stored in our server only for a limited period of time as specified under each type of our Services. They will be permanently deleted after this specified period and will not be recoverable. In some Services, they are also copied to our app in your phone and get stored locally in your device, and in such cases, you have the responsibility and option to keep or delete them as you wish.

We may offer as part of our Services for you to upload your locally stored recordings and messages to our server for backup purpose, and such will be considered as an add-on service with its own service specifications. Also, such backup information in our server will be treated as your private information and will not be shared with other parties unless ordered by the courts under the law.

Websites and Cookies

We may use industry-standard cookies in our websites to track and identify returning visitors to our websites, primarily to enhance their usage experience. Visitors have the option to set their browser preference regarding the use of such cookies.

Information We May Collect (Analytics)

We may collect under our Services information commonly known as analytics. Such information is collected primarily for the understanding of how our Services are being used and how to improve them. They are collected in an anonymous manner with NO SPECIFICS ON PERSONAL IDENTITY OR PRIVATE DATA associated with the individual. Such anonymous information is often uploaded analytics servers such as Google Analytics or similar providers so that the data can be statistically compiled.

We may also monitor and track individual accounts for billing and usage, but we do not access any content data or media in the process. We may contact individual accounts for service enhancement purposes such as alerting them to storage limits, offering them alternate plans for better usage or even promotional rewards.


Our Privacy Policy may get modified from time to time. We will post policy changes on this page, and if the situation warrants, we may post special notices via email, via our apps or via the websites.